Meyersville ISD - Go Panthers!

Meyersville ISD School Board will meet March 19th.

1897 Meyersville Road, Meyersville, TX 77974      (361) 275-3639      Fax (361) 275-5034

  • March 8 Early Dismissal @ 12:30
  • March 8 Track Meet @ Yorktown
  • March 11-15 Spring Break
  • March 18 Library Night from 4-6 pm
  • March 19 Picture Day
  • March 19 NJHS Induction @ 6:15
  • March 19 School Board Meets @ 7:00pm
  • March 21 Progress Reports
  • March 21 Track Meet @ Cuero
  • March 22 Track Meet @ Yorktown
  • March 26 Victoria Symphony Demo from 12:30-3:00 pm All Grades

  • At Meyersville ISD, We are: Free 3D Flash Gallery

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    The Meyersville Independent School District has high expectations and dedicates its efforts and resources to assure every student meets or exceeds educational performance standards. We will teach critical thinking, advanced technology, and develop in the students a lifelong love of learning. We will emphasize the development of decision-making skills to promote responsibility, citizenship, respect for others, and pride in the traditions and heritage of the community.

    This year's tax levy to fund maintenance and operations expenditures does not exceed last year's maintenance and operations tax levy.
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